Concession Stand Card

Your kids will be delighted!

Have you had the chance to visit the DPA Concession Stand, lovingly known as “the STANG”, in the lobby of the Dawson Athletic Center, between 3-4PM each day? If so, you will find it SWAMPED with students desperate for their after-school snack. The DPA Concession Stand offers a wide variety of healthy snacks and goodies for your child’s pleasure after a hard days’ work.

Buy $10 Concession Stand Card

Concession Card

All items at the concession stand are sold in dollar increments. The $10 dollar STANG Card is worth $11 dollars in purchases, —a bonus for using the card.

With the STANG Card your child will not have to carry cash to school and will have ample funding to express his or her generosity. Goldfish anyone?

Concession Stand Items:
• Bagels, cream cheese
• Trailmix
• Cliff bars
• Granola bars
• Jerky
• Amys Burritos
• Baked Lays or Boulder chips
• Pretzels
• Sun chips
• Goldfish
• Chocolate candy bars (variety/depends on availability)
• Skittles/Sour Patch Kids (depends on availability)
• Rice Krispie Treats
• Choc chip cookies
• Frozen Yogurt bars
• Ice Cream (seasonal)
• Gatorade
• ICE drinks
• Water
• Izze/Pellegrino (depends on availability)
• Sunny D
• Apples (free)

Convenient Card Delivery Instructions:

  • Orders placed online by 1 pm each Wednesday will be fulfilled and available for pickup Friday of the same week, by 3:30 PM (student pick-up time). You may pick up your order with the Dawson School Receptionist whose desk is located in Henderson Hall.
  • For questions regarding your Concession Stand Card order transaction or delivery please contact the DPA Treasurer Sophie Berdou ( directly.

“Stang” Helpers Needed!!
The DPA Concession Stand relies completely on wonderful Dawson Parent volunteers. It is an easy, and fun way to know the Dawson Students —-and your child can help with you! Volunteers set out the snacks, interact with the kids, make change, count, and tidy up. –A bit of direct business experience for you and your student helper!

To check out volunteer time slots still available, follow this link and log in with your email address.
Stang Helper SignUp LINK

For further information please contact either Kirsten ( or Michelle (

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